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How do I customize the Heat Sink

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The most optimum thermal solutions are best developed at the beginning of a project. Developing solutions in this manner helps to reduce the total design cycle time. Depending on how these variables intersect, the heatsinks section process may be straightforward and require minimal analysis. Standard product/solution that has already been tooled may already be available. However, we realize that unforeseen circumstances during the design process impact the original thermal cooling specifications. In these cases, our engineering team is proficient in developing solutions for those after-the-fact situations.



If our standard series heat sinks do not meet your needs, we can create custom heat sinks at a reasonable cost and lead time. Please review the following guidelines regarding custom heat sinks. There are two primary custom design levels. Utilize existing design Typically, no tooling fees are required. Suitable for low-mid quantity usage. We can cut, drill, machine, or wire EDM/EDM our existing standard heat sinks. New tooling Fin(pin) configuration, base size, and shape options are almost unlimited. Suitable for mid-high volume custom parts.



While aluminum is the most prominently used material for heatsinks, copper is offered for extreme heat dissipation. With a thermal transfer rate almost double that of a comparable 6063 aluminum heatsink, a copper heatsink is an outstanding choice for spreading heat quickly from the heat source to the copper fins and into the surrounding air. TSI has copper bar stock on hand and can machine custom copper heatsinks to meet our customer’s requirements.


Cold Forged Heatsinks Pure Copper, And Aluminum Materials Complex 3D geometry (elliptical, star, spiral, square, round) fins can be created. They were embedding copper heat spreaders into the heat sink base. Embedding of heat pipes into the heat sink base. Assembly of fans to create a volumetrically efficient heat sink.


Virtually any fin shape or pattern is possible. Base Size and shape are also very flexible. With custom tooling, some features, like protrusion or recessed base areas, can be created in the tooling, minimizing the amount of secondary machining.


Contact us if you need a custom cooler for your machine. We will provide you with the best service.

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