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How does precision CNC machining help the development of aerospace (2)

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We outlined some of the characteristics of aviation materials in the previous article. This article will briefly describe why the aerospace industry has the most stringent requirements.


As we all know, the aerospace industry has very high requirements for parts. Therefore, the general processing methods cannot meet the standard. Precision is the characteristic of aerospace industry products. For safety and technical performance requirements, these parts are required to reach the perfect level. A defect in one part may put an aircraft costing tens of millions of dollars at significant risk. Therefore, the perfection of every part is the best way to ensure the safety of personnel and property.


We have the strictest quality control. Every part undergoes countless QC quality inspections, from the purchase of raw materials to delivering finished products. It's not just about measuring whether the product's appearance meets the drawing's requirements through the instrument. We will also use X-rays and other means to check the internal integrity of the product and whether there are internal cracks.


When processing aerospace CNC machining orders, we often use 5 axis CNC machining center. It is currently the most advanced CNC machining center. Aviation orders usually have complicated drawings, and 5 axis CNC machining center can perfectly complete this task. This aerospace machining process allows parts to be milled, drilled, and manipulated along the X, Y, Z, and linear axes. To reduce weight, we require some parts to be hollowed out during production. It is not a simple project. But we have the most professional engineers and workers to cooperate with our most advanced 5 axis CNC machining center. Enough to challenge any impossible design drawings,and the tolerance of our products can reach ±0.02mm.


When the aircraft is flying at high speed, any flaw is fatal. Suppose there is a slight bump or depression on the surface of an airplane wing. These are all severe safety hazards. Because when the plane is flying at high speed in the air, the force on this flaw will be several times that of other parts. If things go on like this, this flaw will continue to expand. It may result in unbalanced forces on the left and right wings, or the aircraft may disintegrate.


Therefore, every part is perfect. It is our way to avoid disasters as much as possible. We have the most advanced machinery and equipment and the most experienced processing workers. We are always ready to serve you at any time.

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