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How To Choose The Material Of The Calculator Heat Sink?

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Kingka is a professional custom heat sink manufacturer in China, now I will introduce the material selection of calculator heat sink.

As we all know, high temperature is the enemy of computers. High temperature will not only cause unstable operation of the system, shorten the service life, and may even burn some parts. However, the reason for the high temperature of the computer is not from outside the computer, but from inside the computer. In view of the high temperature of the computer, the solution is to equip the computer components with a heat sink.

Most heat sinks contact the surface of computer accessories, absorb heat, and then dissipate it to the chassis or outside the chassis through various methods. Outside the case, the temperature of the computer components can be ensured to reach normal temperature, and the heat dissipation of the computer can be completed. There are many types of computer heat sinks, such as CPU heat sinks, graphics card, motherboard chipset, hard disk, chassis, power supply, and even optical drive and memory. These different heat sinks cannot be mixed.

There are four types of heat sink materials: silver, copper, aluminum, and steel. If silver is used as a heat sink, the material is more expensive and not suitable. Usually the heat sink is made of copper and aluminum alloy, but both have their own advantages. Although the material of aluminum is cheap, its light weight and thermal conductivity are not very good, only 50% of copper. Although copper is more expensive than aluminum, it is difficult to process and heavy, but its thermal conductivity is good. In contrast, the material of the heat sink is suitable for copper.

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