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The Advantages Of Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks

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Aluminum extruded heat sinks has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance and good energy saving effect. Nowadays, more and more custom heat sinks on the market use aluminum profiles, so what are the advantages of aluminum extruded heat sinks?

The advantages of Aluminum extruded heat sinks

There are mainly two types of aluminum heat sinks: high-pressure cast aluminum and stretched aluminum alloy welding.

①Aluminum heat sinks has better heat dissipation performance and its energy-saving characteristics are very obvious. In the same room, if the aluminum extruded heat sinks of the same specification is used, the number of aluminum castings is less than that of steel.

②The aluminum heat sinks has good oxidation and corrosion resistance without any additives. The principle is that once aluminum encounters oxygen in the air, an oxide film is formed. This film is tough and dense, preventing further damage to the body material. Corrosion.

Choose aluminum extruded heat sinks, it is best to choose high-pressure cast aluminum module combined heat sinks. This kind of heat sinks is integrally formed by die-casting at one time, so there is no problem of weld leakage. And its biggest advantage is that the product is not restricted by the district heating system, even in the open boiler system, it can not be corroded by oxygen. Due to the modular design, after a heating season, if the indoor temperature is found to be insufficient, it You can install one or two more pieces in the second year to meet your own needs, instead of replacing the entire set of heaters like a steel heat sinks.

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