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What Are The Benefits Of Using Hoses For Liquid Cold Plates?

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How to choose a liquid cold plate? A hose or a hard tube? Water cooling must be familiar to everyone. The common ones are hard tube and hose. In recent years, the development momentum of hard tube water cooling is very strong, but there are also bright spots in hose water cooling. KingKa, as a leading custom liquid cold plate manufacturer in China, today would like to popularize the benefits of using hoses for water-cooling plates.

The benefits of using hoses for liquid cold plates

1. Convenient and fast. The hose has good operability, no need to bend pipes, and no need to deliberately design a fixed waterway, so installing hose water cooling is more efficient than hard pipes in terms of time and operation. If only the heat dissipation performance is considered, then the various components can be connected directly with hoses. Of course, if you want to be a little maverick, with a little modification, the hose waterway can also be very distinctive.

2. The price is cheap. A hose of the same length is much cheaper than a hard tube, and the price is about one third of that of a hard tube. And installing the hose does not require air guns, pipe benders, foot sharpeners, adapters, extension heads, these are not small expenses, obviously the cost of the hose is much lower.

3. Relatively safer. Because of the lack of many adapters, the probability of hose leakage is very low. -Generally, as long as the inlet and outlet nozzles of the water pump, cold head, and cold exhaust are installed firmly, there will be basically no water leakage.

Of course, the hose is not the most perfect. The general hose will turn yellow after a few months of use and affect its appearance. Moreover, the shape of the hose is simple and the aesthetics is not as strong as the visual impact of the hard tube. For players who try water cooling for the first time and are not very demanding, the hose is the best choice.

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