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What Are The Types Of Cnc Milling Machines?

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Kingka is a professional CNC machining company, which offers CNC turning services and CNC milling services. Many customers come to us for CNC milling parts. Now, let’s introduce the CNC milling machines which we used.


2-axis milling machines

This machine can cut slots and holes in both the X and Z axes. To put it simply, it means that the machine can cut horizontally and vertically in a single direction.


3-axis milling machines

This type of machine adds a Y-axis to its function. We commonly find these machines as they can cut vertically and in any direction. However, if to cut a sphere which can be done only a half at one time,that because even you have three axes, you will not be able to cut from below.


4-axis milling machine

The 4-axis milling machine adds complexity to the three types of machines previously discussed because it can rotate on the X-axis, behaving like a lathe.


5-axis milling machine

In this type of milling machine, it has both the X and Y axes that rotates. This makes it a complete milling machine that has multiple abilities. With a 5-axis milling machine, you can shape bones, car models, aerospace structures, medical products, and every imaginable item.


Advanced equipment provides you with various CNC milling services and manufactures various complex CNC milling parts. If you need CNC milling services, please contact with Kingka.


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