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What Is The Difference Between CNC Turning And CNC Milling?

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As a CNC machining company, Kingka often uses CNC turning and CNC milling when machining parts. Considering that many people can't tell the difference between them, today we will introduce the difference between CNC turning and CNC milling.


The difference between CNC turning and CNC milling

1. Different features

CNC Turning means that lathe processing is a part of mechanical processing. Lathe processing mainly uses the turning tool bar to turn the rotating workpiece. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, discs, sleeves and other workpieces with rotating surfaces, and it is the most widely used type of machine tool processing in machinery manufacturing and repair factories.


The CNC lathe can process the complex shape of the rotating body. While the milling is to fix the blank material, and use a high-speed rotating milling cutter to move on the blank material to cut out the required shapes and features. Traditional milling is mostly used to mill simple shape features such as contours and slots.


2. Different functions

CNC Turning is a method of cutting the workpiece on the lathe by rotating the workpiece relative to the tool. The cutting energy of turning is mainly provided by the workpiece rather than the tool.


The CNC milling and boring machining center can perform three-axis or multi-axis milling and boring processing, which is used for processing, molds, inspection tools, molds, thin-walled complex curved surfaces, artificial prostheses, blades, etc. When selecting the content of CNC milling, the advantages and key roles of CNC milling machine should be fully utilized.


3. Different working principles

When CNC turning, the workpiece is driven by the main shaft of the machine tool to rotate for the main movement,and the turning tool clamped on the tool holder is for the feed movement. Cutting speed is the linear speed (m/min) at the point of contact between the machined surface of the rotating workpiece and the turning tool,and the depth of cut is the vertical distance (mm) between the machined surface and the machined surface of the workpiece during each cutting stroke. When cutting off and forming turning, it is the contact length (mm) between the turning tool and the workpiece perpendicular to the feed direction.


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