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Why precision CNC machining is high popular?

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It is well known that precision CNC machining is a highly efficient technology. Maybe you don't know much about CNC precision machining. Why can it process products so quickly? It must mention how it works. As a CNC machining parts manufacturer, we will introduce you to the working principle of precision CNC machining.


The most significant way of CNC machining and other processing methods is computer control. All cutting paths are programmed in the program,while labor only needs to install the specified tools and processing materials. Under normal circumstances, the CNC machining program is perfect. Of course, the possibility of errors is not ruled out. But compared to other processing methods, CNC can be regarded as one of the few processing methods with the lowest error rate. And this code is not static, and we can modify it at any time as required. In theory, it can meet any processing requirements.


The programming language of CNC machining is G code. The operation of the machine is entirely controlled by G code—for example, feed rate, operating speed, and angle. After the operator conducted a trial run, we modified the part where the loophole appeared. When the programming is confirmed, the machine can perform cyclic processing operations. The degree of completion and consistency of the product is very high,and it is almost a process of copying. Once production starts, several machines can start production at the same time. The efficiency of such processing is very high, and these advantages are unmatched by other processing methods. Because of these characteristics, custom machining service is widely used in all walks of life as the primary means of processing in metal and plastic processing industries.


CNC has developed to this day and has become highly intelligent. Including pre-programming, the size of the part is set by CAD and then converted to CAM to complete the actual production. Although different machining requirements require different tools, almost all tools have been integrated into the same tower today. It allows CNC machining to produce the products you need quickly and in large quantities.



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