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Why the thermal design of the cold water plate is important

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Nowadays, many industries have popularized automated production, and these large electronic instruments emit a lot of heat. The manufacturers of these devices may install essential heat sinks. A machine can be used commonly when the ambient temperature is correct, but the situation in the factory is different. There are usually many machines installed in the factory workshop because improving land utilization is also linked to reducing costs. If you put the machines densely in space, the heat they emit will overlap geometrically. At this time, you need the highly personalized cold plate cooling system we provide to help.

The core of the customized cold plate cooling system is the thermal design of the water cold plate. Because temperature relates to the performance, reliability, and safety of components and equipment, thermal design is very important. It is one of the research projects that we have permanently attached great importance to. As the requirements for electronic devices have changed in recent years, it is necessary to re-examine the past methods.

We have always been committed to providing customers with the best cold plate and related services. We are one of the best custom heatsink manufacturers in China. We provide customers with radiator products and specialize in thermal and thermal materials and other professional technologies. This is also the reason for our success.

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