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  • Case Study: Heat Sink Simulation


    Heat Sink AuthorPeter KrishReport dateMay 20, 2023, 8:58:40 PMSummaryThis example models the cooling characteristics of the n19 aluminum heat sink from Alpha Company Ltd The model studies the temperature distribution in the sink and in the flow.Contents1. Global Definitions 1.1. Parameters 2. Comp Read More

  • What is a Vortex Liquid Cold Plate and How Does It Work?


    The cooling mechanism of the electronics is very important because it determines the performance and life of these electronics. If appropriate cooling methods are not considered, the devices may heat up and not perform as they should. Different cooling methods are used to ensure that these devices w Read More

  • Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing: Materials and Processes


    I. IntroductionOne of the significant problems with electronics is the release of heat that needs to be managed. Every electronic device must go through a heat dissipation process so that the components may last longer. Such electronics which do not have a proper heat dissipation mechanism end up ov Read More

  • Top 5 Applications of Liquid Cold Plates in Electronics Cooling


    I. IntroductionElectronic devices are commonly used in almost every commercial and residential sector. However, the one major issue with all high-power electronics is heat management. They release a lot of heat when used, and it is imperative to ensure that heat is transferred away from them to add Read More

  • How to Control Heat Sink Accuracy


    How to Control Heat Sink AccuracyWe can achieve tighter tolerances on shafts with up to H7 fits with manual quoting and on occasion tighter. Read more about how to prepare a technical drawing here. What are the minimum and maximum dimensions you can machine? At workshops we offer CNC milling (3-axis Read More

  • How do I customize the Heat Sink


    How do I customize the Heat Sink The most optimum thermal solutions are best developed at the beginning of a project. Developing solutions in this manner helps to reduce the total design cycle time. Depending on how these variables intersect, the heatsinks section process may be straightforward and Read More

  • What Are The Advantages Of CNC Machining Aluminum Heat Sink?


    KINGKA specializes in the production of aluminum heat sink, led heat sink, laptop heatsink, cnc machining parts and other products. Read More

  • Why Heat Sink Industries promotes the development of science and technology


    Why Heat Sink Industries promotes the development of science and technology Why are there radiators everywhere around us? It is because humanity has entered the information age in the 21st century, and all kinds of home appliances and equipment are brilliant. These electronic components are heat sou Read More

  • What Are The Types Of Liquid Cold Plates?


    Liquid cold plates are a type of heat sink that use liquid to cool electronics and other high-heat applications. They are highly effective at removing heat and can be customized to fit the needs of specific systems. There are several types of liquid cold plates available, each with their own unique Read More

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