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IGBT Heat Sink


The IGBT module is a high-power device, which generates a lot of heat during operation. The temperature range of the IGBT module bai during normal operation is -40°C-150°C. Therefore, to maintain the normal operation of the IGBT chip, a heat sink is needed to help it dissipate heat.

Chip heat dissipation: Copper heat sink and aluminum heat sink are commonly used at present.

Module heat dissipation: The specific heat sink needs to be simulated according to the specific power level, such as aluminum and copper materials.

In most cases, IGBTs work for high-power devices. High power means higher heat dissipation. IGBTs are moving in the direction of large capacity, high frequency, easy drive, low loss, and modularization, pointing out that they are compatible with other power electronic devices. Compared with the development direction, IGBT heat sink has the characteristics of high reliability, simple drive, easy protection, no snubber circuit, and high switching frequency. Therefore, IGBT heat sink is very necessary in the electronic market.

aluminum heat sink

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