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Modular Liquid Cooling Systems | Kingka

Modular Liquid Cooling Systems are a cost-effective and reliable option where precise temperature control and cooling below ambient temperature are not required. These systems consist of a high performance heat exchanger integrated with a fan, pump, and tank in a durable metal chassis. Modular Cooling Systems have strong cooling capacity.Components of Modular Liquid Cooling Systems are performance-matched for maximum cooling capacity. The most critical component, the heat exchanger, is designed for optimum performance. All components have been designed for long life and high reliability. We offer systems that are compatible with a range of coolants, ensuring there is an option available for nearly every fluid.Modular Liquid Cooling Systems are easy to use with installation instructions as simple as completing the liquid loop, filling the liquid reservoir tank, and flipping the switch. These systems offer a fast option for upgrading to liquid cooling in a cost effective .
  • Quickly install liquid cooling systems

  • Easy to find a solution compatible with your system’s working fluid

  • Integrate into your systems with Fans, Air Ducts, and Filters

  • Complete your liquid cooling systems with liquid cold plates and hoses

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