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Micro channel Cooling system | Kingka

Direct Expansion Cooling System (DECS) used miniature compressor refrigeration system with Micro channel cold plate, R134A flow through cold plate and cool the heat components direct, it offers the highest heat transfer rates. It delivers 250-400W cooling capacity and work well at ambient 50C. Control board has build-in temperature setting based on customer’s requirement and adjusts the compressor speed to find the balance between system and heat component.

Specifications:Compressor:24V 10A or 48V 8A 

Cooling Capacity: 250-400W

Temperature setting: build-in setting

Heat Transfer Rates: 50-100W/CM2

Small Size Cold Plate, Excellent Heat Transfer Rates

 Applications: High Density Heating Component, Chip Cooling, Laser Diode Cooling etc. 

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