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CPU heat sink


When the CPU is working, it generates a lot of energy. Due to its limitation, it cannot distribute and transform in time. At this time, by giving it a separate custom CPU heat sink to help it expand the heat dissipation area. The CPU heat sink is basically composed of many fins, which is a design with a larger heat dissipation area. When the CPU's cooling fan reaches the heat sink for CPU, it will quickly spread to all the fin surfaces; the fan blows on the fins of the heat sink, and the wind can take away a period of time, so that the CPU continues to work, continue to heat, continue to heat, and the radiator continues to absorb The fan keeps blowing away the heat, and repeats this cycle to achieve the effect of cooling the CPU.

Kingka CPU heat sink benefits as following:

1. Maximum Performance utilizing high density fin manufacture for increased surface area and reduced solution size.

2. Thin fins  structure reduce pressure drop, improves system airflow, and reduces fan costs.

3. Kingka designed cpu heat sink meet all Intel standards and requirements, including mounting hardware, stiffness, and performance. 

4. Specialized thermal grease formulated, suitable for high performance pre‐applied to base and protected with individual grease shield.

5. Pre‐assembled with captive mounting hardware and ready for installation with instruction label.

6. Precise surface flatness and high performance thermal grease ensure minimal interfacial resistance.

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