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Laser Thermal Management Chassis 2400W(LTCC) used Direct Expansion Cooling System or Direct Conduction Cooling System to cool laser components. Case be separated into cooling area and optical area, this will allow user to choose any optical parts he want to assemble various laser machine. Build-in Multi Cooling System (400W each) could be applied for High energy laser machine. Control board has temperature setting (15-35C) function to adjust the compressor speed and release the exact cooling capacity laser want, keep the laser diode at the best temperature range. The extra cooling capacity could be used for air conditioner to keep the close optical area at the better temperature and moisture range.
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  • Aluminum Case or Plastic Case by CNC machining

  • Direct Expansion System or Direct Conduction System

  • Cooling Capacity: 400-2400W (400W each system)

  • Control board: build-in temperature setting

  • Build-in Air Conditioner

Key Features:

  • Compact Design, Portable application

  • No need liquid Chiller, Water free System

  • Lower Electric Consumption

  • Best Optical Quality

  • DC input and AC power supply


Fiber Laser Machine, Laser Diode, Miltary Laser Machine Etc

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