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Hight Power Liguid Cooling System Or Water Cooled Systems

Product name:Hight Power Liguid cooling system or Water cooled systems
Production Process:Liquid cooling plate,water pump and heat exchanger
Surface treatment:Anodizing
Product material:Aluminum plate,Copper tube
Product Type:cnc machining,soldering and epoxy bonding
Product Category:Electronic adapter
several advantages:
High heat pumping capacity,High heat flux density
Heat routing,Rapid cool down,Lower noise
Sample Lead Time:15~20 days
aulity Certification:ISO9001:2008

Product Application Description:

Water cooled systems are designed to circulate water or a water glycol (antifreeze) mixture and keep the temperature of the coolant at or near ambient. our hight power cooling system is a recirculating liquid to air heat exchanger that offers dependable, compact performance by removing large amounts of heat from a liquid circuit. The coolant is re-circulated using a high-pressure pump to assure maximum flow rate. Heat from the coolant is absorbed by a radiant heat exchanger and dissipated into the ambient environment using a brand name fan.


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